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This beautiful 20oz wine glass is made using high quality permanent vinyl. With 3 different designs to choose from you are sure to find one that fits your personality! The decal is not just a pretty design but provides an extra grip on the smooth surface of the glass so you can hold it with ease. To optimize the life span of the decal on the wine glass, it is suggested to only hand wash delicately.


📍Some may have slight differences or imperfections (air bubbles or bumps), but they do not affect the quality or structure of the product, That means NO two items will be the same and each item will be truly unique to you.


 All of our items are HANDMADE 


⁉️If you have any questions or concerns during your order process, Please DON’T hesitate to contact us! 😊


⚠️Please contact us with any special requests and or custom orders, Please allow 24 hours for responses and specific processing times for bulk and custom orders!



It's Wine O'Clock

Color Of Name
  • All items are hand washed ONLY!

    They are not microwave safe.

    Please try your best to not submerge and soak items for a long period of time.

    When your order arrives, it will have care instructions.

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