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This stemless wine glass is made using high quality permanent vinyl.


📍Some may have slight differences or imperfections (air bubbles or bumps), but they do not affect the quality or structure of the product

📍That means NO two items will be the same and each item will be truly unique to you.


📍To optimize the life span of the decal on the wine glass, it is suggested to only hand wash delicately.


                                🥰All of our items are HANDMADE to order


                                           This Glass 🛑IS NOT🛑




⚠️⚠️There is an option to upgrade your glass so it is dishwasher safe for $5 more  


⁉️If you have any questions or concerns during your order process, Please DON’T hesitate to contact us! 😊


                                                     📦FOR ANY BULK ORDER (5+)


        ⚠️Please contact us with any special requests and or custom orders⚠️

                     we will gladly assist we always look forward to special orders


Please allow 24 hours for responses and specific processing times for bulk and custom orders!


                              📧EMAIL US .........

When I Sip You Sip We Sip Stemless Glass

PriceFrom $23.00
Design Color
  • All items are hand washed ONLY!

    They are not microwave safe.

    Please try your best to not submerge and soak items for a long period of time.

    When your order arrives, it will have care instructions.

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